Friday, February 05, 2016

Latest Haiku / Senryu

After The Love Has Gone-
The empty mouth of
an album cover

August dusk-
A sandcastle melts
in the rain

Empty Starbucks-
The steady drip drip
of a woman's tears

Morning fog
While waiting for the bus
Fifty Shades of Gray

Filling the beach 
then all the benches-
Snow flurries

Winter storm Jonas-
Too much whipped cream atop
the hot chocolate

First day of Spring-
A robin pecks
crack vials

Shards of glass-
The glazed eyes
of a deer

Four AM-
Even the crack heads

First day of Pre-K-
His backpack crushed
by a hug

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New haiku senryu (and revisions)

Ziggy Stardust fell
Ground Control to Major Tom
Planet Earth is blue

your napping face-
Summer lightning

Post Burial
The old folk play

July sun
A new basketball
too big to palm

Autumn afternoon-
the mailman sorts thru
the yard

earthworms curl
on the sidewalk

Deep Insomnia-
A neighbor's 

Wine glass-
The long tilt of
Her lips

April winds-
Spending a new 

The white king 
rocks under attack-
March wind

Talking to herself
in two coats
July haze

White cat
under the Laundry’s awning-
Spring shower

Snow flurries
from nose to shovel
beads of sweat

country curve
A goose in the road

in the front yard-
frosted grass

A belly 
swollen with gurgles-
New Moon

into a smartphone-

Crescent moon-
A sliver of cake wanes
in the urinal

Under the moonlight
the serious moonlight-
Marsh reeds dance

The poet says
"No comma"

Morning fog
Lingering on the tongue
Earl Grey

Two Trains Running-
Boyfriend on hold
for the husband

Words wrap
around six croaker-
Muhammad Speaks

August afternoon-
The dog licks
an empty bowl

under the quilt-
Not my cat

in a long line for work-
Black ants

Cherry blossoms
glisten with dew-
New lipstick

Memorial Day-
Googling a knot
for the hanging chair

A railing

The last edit
written in red-
Paper cut

First trimester-
The kick of the shrimp

Visiting Room phone-
The long echo of that
last sentence

A quick-blown kiss
high heels its way into
the Etheridge night

Late students-
Missing the

Pine Barrens-
A buzzsaw cuts into
the silence

Full moon-
The sudden O of 
a Glock's muzzle

Low tide-
The ocean also has
Morning Breath

Call to prayer-
The transit bus stops

Both queens
off the board-
Chess widows

April drizzle-
The gutters gush with
cherry blossoms

Unable to shake
the strength of his hand-
Poker nemesis 

The descent of a tear
gas canister

Riot police-
A broken arrow of
overhead geese

Peeking into
the abandoned cars-
Low winter sun

Airport Terminal-
The morning sky dons
a blue cap

into the chairs-
Blind Date

New Years Eve-
Fewer and fewer cubes
in the glass

Winter Solstice-
The long blackness of
a Stretch Limo

Pebble in a puddle-
The moon under a scrim of clouds

Grayish beard-
Yet still playing 
with action figures
of speech. 

December night-
A little bit of Frost
on the syllabus

Hung jury-
None of the strung up sneakers
are gray

Full Moon-
A clean look at the rim
under the lights

Shrimp Gumbo-
Waiting for the flame
to rise

Casino exit-
Losing everything 
but my shadow

Half a crayon-
Our son gets a taste
of the blues

Brick wall
written in cursive-
His pee

December 1st-
Footsteps falling
in the rain

Trailer Park
A murder in broad daylight-
Crows on a branch

Outside the club
Stamped on the back of a hand
Full Moon

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And Again

[insert name]

These are the lyrics of a hit, 
number 1 with a bullet,
pinned to the top of the charts. 

This poem is not 
a "suspicious" hoodie,
has not snatched any cigarillos,
is not in an illegal chokehold,
(although it may have
a toy gun tucked 
in its waistband),
this poem was shot 
on video
in the back. 
This poem may 
play its music too loudly,
or contradict
the police report. 
But this poem
will convene
no grand jury
to return No True Bill. 
This poem checks out,
so the only charges
will be on a credit card
for funeral services.

These words
possible because
while facedown 
on the concrete
of the righthand lane
at 10:37 AM 
on April 15th, 1987
at 19067 Greenbelt Road
my sternum
could bear the weight
of the knee between 
my shoulder blades,
and the .38 revolver
eyeing the back of my head
had a 15 lb. trigger pull
and not the 8 lb pull
of a Glock 9mm. 

Possible because
I did not
bet on black
while playing Roulette
by Cop. 

This poem
was not written
because angry, 
this poem
was not written
because "Self-Defense". 
This poem
was not written.
Because my hand
is two
behind my back
from having
to write
and wright 
and rite
this poem. 

It’s not true that
my eyes are red
as a bag of Skittles,
if this page is dotted
it is only Arizona 
Iced Tea
that was spilled. 

This poem mentions
no names,
not Amadou Diallo,
Sean Bell, 
James Byrd Jr. 
or [insert name]

This poem pertains to no crime,
it comes natural
contains many enwreathed flowers 
but no trees
with branches strong enough
to bear the weight 
of a black man or woman
or boy or girl,
no rope (to be at the end of),
or even a simple slipknot. 

But it does loop;
like a wandering moose,
a homeward goose,
or a four hundred year old

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Haiku/Senryu and assorted nonsense

Long time no post, for various reasons. Some are technical problems, others personal. I ould prefer to mostly just post poems, but nobody really reads anything other than the haiku and senryu and posting my longer poems means that some publications will consider them "published." So, I'll just be posting short forms mostly from now on.

PROVIDENCE My grandfather escaped a broken chain of islands off West Africa. Off course, they Rhode a storm to an Island that wasn't.

GRAMMA LESSONS My grandmother never spoke Kriolu with me, 
but still put catxupa, 
jagacida and linguiƧa 
on my tongue.

Working her last nerve- Almost full moon

Shrimp Gumbo- Waiting for the heat to come on

Morning fog- The clam boats unload their odor

New recipe- I try to visualize whirled peas

Presidential debate- The garbage disposal grinds to a halt

Telephone line- A constant static of starlings

Cracked flower pot the deep purple blossom her newest bruise

Halloween- The Dentist's pumpkin has all its teeth

Halloween- The kids stack peanut butter cups

Halloween Eve- The tattoo guy practices on a pumpkin

Red light- From the open Marquis' window Sade streams

Supermarket line- Halle Berry is free again

Autumn- Into a pile of leaves we fall

Fire truck- The leaves of the Flame Maple smolder

Home poker game- The origamist folds his cards

Dad's resolve- Folded into three corners of a flag


Tudu Morna tem un Mar
ki ca tem mar di agua
tem mar di Sodade

Flashing roadside in the cop's Aviators- Fireflies

Columbus Day- Discovering the taste of tears

Slave Quarters- Every cabin a Master bedroom

Notification from my favorite app- Blood Moon

Swept up to the top of her head- Super Moon

Buried halfway in a new Bestseller- Fallen leaf

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Morning fog
The long exhale
of a Marlboro

Morning fog
The long exhale
of a Marlboro

Back of the bus
A Jolly Rancher purples 
her pucker

The TV screen full
of her pout

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aug 2015 Haiku/Senryu

All Butter pound cake
Pistachio gelato
Not a haiku

August sunset-
Nude descending a staircase

Growing on me-
The green streak 
in her hair

Lower Manhattan 
No escape from its shadow
World Trade Center

August Heat-
The lingering taste of
some Scorned Woman

August Heat-
The non-stop stares of
fish on ice

Half moon-
The head of a man asleep 
on this Park bench

Slow climb
up a dark staircase-

Almost white chicken
glazed with tap water
beside the red coals

My son and I play
a video game

Only visible
to the Officer's flashlight-
Dark Matter

Until next we meet, may all your potatoes be sweet (and dusted with cinnamon.)